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In a series of interviews with experts in the field of sustainable mobility, our podcasts investigate the issue of transport appraisal and evaluation. They showcase the role of project appraisal (most commonly Cost Benefit Analysis, CBA) in decision-making at urban level and the priority given to Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs).

Susanne Böhler is a planner specialising in urban mobility and was co-director of the research unit “Energy, transport and climate policy”at the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy, prior to joining Rupprecht Consult. Susanne coordinates the EU project CH4LLENGE which concentrates on politics to improve transport planning processes.

Niek Mouter is a postdoctoral researcher at TU Delft’s Transport & Logistics group, focusing on the incorporation of ethical notions and theories in Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA). His main motivation is to enhance both CBA methodology and the way the information is used in the decision-making process.

Ms. Gintarė Zorskaitė is a Chief Specialist at the Lithuanian Ministry of Transport and Communication. Her specific areas of responsibility include EC funds related with urban transport, cycling paths, property and territory planning. For over two years she has been responsible for establishing the SUMP policy and guidelines for Lithuania.

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