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In a series of interviews with experts in the field of sustainable mobility, our podcasts investigate the issue of transport appraisal and evaluation. They showcase the role of project appraisal (most commonly Cost Benefit Analysis, CBA) in decision-making at urban level and the priority given to Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs).

Tamás Mátrai is the Head of R&D Division at Trans-Sport Consulting, responsible for R&D activities and involved in transport planning. He is a PhD student at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics and has extensive experience in cost‐benefit analyses, feasibility studies and macroscopic modelling for transport related development projects.

Lewis Fulton has worked in the field of transport/ energy/ environment analysis and policy development for over 20 years. He is Co-Director of the NextSTEPS Program in the Institute of Transportation Studies, University of California, where he leads research activities around new vehicle technologies.

John Finnegan, Regional Director with AECOM, is an economist and chartered accountant with over twenty years’ experience of public policy research and analysis. Prior to working as an economic consultant, John worked as an official with the Competition Directorate General of the European Commission applying the Competition rules to the transport sector.

Yaron Hollander is Policy Appraisal & Sub-Regional Modelling Manager at Transport for London. He is specialised in prioritising and justifying major interventions in the urban environment. He leads work to make the case for investment, maximising the use of both quantitative and qualitative evidence.

Dr. Maria Boile, PhD Transportation Engineer is Research Director at CERTH/HIT, Head of the Department “Transport Economics and Environment”. As Associate Professor of Transportation at Rutgers University in the US and co-Director of the Freight and Maritime Program at the Center for Advanced Infrastructure and Transportation, Dr. Boile has led several projects dealing with freight transport and logistics planning, management, operations, and policy issues, and has led both basic and applied research in these fields.

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