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Our panel of experts has reviewed the evidence on 22 areas of sustainable urban mobility. Select your topic of interest in the box above to see the material available and then click through to access the evidence. Some material is located on subscription or pay-per-view websites, but you should expect to reach an abstract describing the content. Where available, free to access versions have been chosen.

For those people who do not have access to subscription sites hosting academic material, we would suggest visiting the website (or variant for your country), and searching for a particular article(s). This will sometimes provide a link to a pre-publication copy, or institutional copy of the same material.

While these links all worked when the database was created we cannot guarantee they will always work. In some cases links may bring you to a website where you will have to do a search for the material.

This paper reports on research into the Adelaide Entertainment Centre P and R facility conducted a few months after the opening to capture the travel behaviour changes facilitated by the scheme. The results show little evidence of additional trip generation and a moderate level of car interception. The study also finds what they describe as a 'disturbing' number of people who have shifted away from using public transport for their entire journey to using a car-mass transit combination.

Evaluation report on a CIVITAS urban mobility intervention.

Report on an image and information campaign in Germany to encourage more sustainable travel behaviours.

This report provides the findings from an evidence review conducted for the UK Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), examining smartcard schemes that local authorities (LAs) in the United Kingdom (UK) have implemented. Its overall aim is to draw together good practice and learning points as they relate to smartcard scheme implementation.

This article reviews a study advocating a new approach to integrating existing state-of-the-art tools traffic management tools to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. A network of signals in an area of Park City, Utah (USA) were connected to provide a case study to test the approach.

Major report on the factors that influence demand for public transport, and what the impact of those factors might be. The report considers evidence from around the world although it was developed in a UK context.

Academic study of the determinants of demand for bicycle transfer at  two stereotypical metro stations in Nanjing, China. The results and findings are seen to be valuable for designing policies aimed at improving metro ridership and for designing bicycle parking and transfer facilities at metro stations.

This paper reports on 20 case studies of UK employers undertaking travel planning, who had cut commuter driving by an average of 18%

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